To place an order, send us an email following the format below. Within a day of receiving your order form, we will respond with a confirmation email that will include a price quote.

Order Template

  1. Type of Product

Specify what type of product you want to order here. Possibilities include but are not limited to: Carvings, signs, novelty items, games, puzzles, 3D artwork, specialty parts, etc.

  1. Quantity

Is this an order for a single item, or do you want a large quantity of products? Specify the estimated or exact quantity of this item that you need.

  1. Size

How large should the item(s) be? Limitations may apply.

  1. Designing

If you have any pictures, prints, drawings, or models of the product you are ordering, include them here.

However, if your item is currently just a concept, we offer professional designing and programming for your order at a low price.

  1. Concept

If you provided a picture, model, or other form of plans in step 4 then you may be able to skip this step. Otherwise you'll want to include a description of what you want to be created. Give us details about your concept, including graphics, shape, functions, etc. Including a hand sketch is preferred. With this information we will be able to design a model for your product.

  1. Material

What should it be made out of? Our main materials include most hardwoods, but we can also make products out of aluminum and acrylic. Anything else would need to be approved.

  1. Due date

How soon do you need it? Higher quantities can increase production time. Most singular items are shipped out within 1 week of ordering.